We just really like flying drones

Not everyone gets to align their passion with their career, so we consider ouselves lucky to work in such an exciting industry. Drones are where art, technology, and sport all come together to create something new and beautiful!.

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Our founding

Arizona Drone Photography started in 2022 as the world began to ease out of the Covid-19 craziness. The owner, Brent, fresh out of college, decided to put his learned business skills to the test doing something he loved.

With help from his mentors, Brayden and Allie, Brent dived into the world of photography and learned everything from how to frame up a shot correctly to editing photos in post. Within a few months he started doing business as a real estate photographer - incorporating his love for drones into his work.

drone footage of ATVs riding in sand dunes

Growth & beyond

After establishing himself in the real estate market, Brent decided to diversify Arizona Drone Photography into other markets. Doing so has given the company a chance to continue to improve it's core product offering of drone photography and videography.

Our founder

Dedicated to quality and your success

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Brent Buchanan
Founder & CEO